Strategy Symposium


Decision Making Questions

How long does it take to see results?

Each attendee creates their own plan. It is possible to begin implementation of that plan at The Strategy Symposium. Some attendees have seen results from the event while still at the event. However, the goal is to teach you the process of creating a plan and how to implement with consistency therefore, you most attendees see results in 2-4 weeks as they take action consistently.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

We have a high rate of success in teaching how to create a plan that works for you. You will be supported in each step and with cohorts capped at 30 people per day, everyone has an opportunity for 1-1 support. Your best bet is to show up fully ready to receive, contribute and collaborate. Everyone sets their own intention at the beginning of the day and we all work to ensure that intention is fulfilled by the end of the day.

I’ve seen similar stuff in the past—what makes this different?

After presenting Momentum Live eleven times + the Battle Board Workshop, we have dialed in what works. The team that has brought this event to you has experienced enormous multi-day events that fire-hose you with information but leave you wondering how to apply what you’re learning to your own situation. While our day is intense, you will create your personalized plan and have support to ensure that you walk away with tools, partners, collaborations you can use. You will get to know, personally, each person in your cohort and form bonds that last beyond the day together. A common phrase in the Momentum Programs is ‘breakthroughs expected’. And they are.

What if I don’t have much time to spend on it right now?

It is rare that you could spend just one day on anything and come away with this much value. It does require pausing to prioritize, that that came be extremely difficult. We want you to be successful though so in your materials to prepare for the event, we provide the resources you need to be able to step away from your business for 1 day along with other resources that will help you maximize our time together. An old saying goes that 1 hour planning saves 10 hours of doing. We aim to 10x that number again. It is our hope that this day provides you at least 10 times the results you could experience had you not attended.

Will it be a good fit for me?

Ultimately that decision is one only you can make. However, we find that this is a good fit if you are in business already. You provide a service (brick and mortar or virtual). You are a high achiever that aims to connect with other deep thinkers. You consider yourself a giver and appreciate being in the company of like minded peers. You are not looking for a ‘get rich quick’ solution but seek real information that is backed by science, research, and experience.

I have not attended a mastermind, how does it work?

You bring a question/challenge/problem/issue to the group and you will have team of peers to help you solve this challenge. I will walk you through a process to help you discern what to bring to the group. A couple things to keep in mind are that you will present your challenge and then you will basically step back from commenting. The group can ask you clarifying questions but the point is not that you get into a tit for tat conversation, this wastes time. People will share what has worked for them, resources, ideas, brainstorms, etc. I have seen major issues be resolved in this format. Your time will be recorded and typically someone will take notes, too but that is up to you. Then when your time limit has ended, the next person in the group will go. Each group will be 4-6 people.

Tickets and Registration

What is the cost of registration?

  • Tickets are $197 Regular Price and an additional $97 for VIP 

Are the tickets refundable if I cannot attend?

You may choose to select another day or apply your ticket credit forward to 1 future event within the next 12 months.

What does registration include?

  • Your Momentum Live Cohort Presentation – 7 hours of Strategic Planning,
  • Masterminding, Networking, Implementation
  • Speed Networking
  •  Hot Seat Coaching
  • Networking/Mastermind Lunch Hour
  • Unstoppable Clarity with Victoria Whitfield
  • Funding Your Next Level with Brian Rassi
  • Library of strategy presentations from our guest presenters
  • Plus fun activities including Live Clean Standup Show, Yoga and a front row seat to the What Businesses Need To Know book launch
  • Swag/Materials Box mailed to you
  • Templates, calculators and other tools to help you make the most of your time and planning that you can use into the future

Do you offer a discount if you are enrolled in a Momentum Program?

  • Yes, there are discounts and tickets available as part of the Momentum Programs.
  • Please contact for more information.

I live outside the United States, do you have special pricing based on the exchange rate?

  • No, registration is $197.

What is the deadline for purchasing tickets?

Tickets may be purchased up to January 17, 2022. However, there is limited seating and you will want to register by January 10 in order to receive the materials on time for the event.

What impact might COVID have on this event?

The team will all be operating independently remotely. There should be no adaptations needed.

What if I become ill and am unable to attend the event?

Please contact by the day you are scheduled to attend and we will do our best to make arrangements.

Do you offer a discount if you are enrolled in a Momentum Program?

  • Yes, there are discounts and tickets available as part of the Momentum Programs.
  • Please contact for more information.

How can I buy bulk tickets?

Event General Questions

Are there sponsorship opportunities for this for future events?

Is financial support available?

  • If you are under 30 years of age, you may apply for our young entrepreneur program.
  • There is special pricing available for Momentum Members and CEO Network Members.

Will the presenters be delivering their materials live?

Nettie Owens will be presenting live and working directly with you to create your strategic plan and progress through the materials. The guest speakers’ presentations will be provided ahead of the event for you to watch and digest. The presenters  will be live with you to answer questions in a Q/A time.

Who are the guest speakers?

Will there be an opportunity to meet Nettie Owens?

This is a small event and you will be working directly with Nettie for your cohort day. You may also elect to participate in the VIP experience to have lunch with Nettie.

My children will be with me during the time of the event, what should I do?

While the pre-event show is family friendly, we recommend making arrangements for childcare on the day of your cohort. We will follow the times on the schedule very closely so that you can make arrangements. The event is highly interactive and your focus will need to be on your participation.

Is there a Facebook Group for Momentum Live?

Yes! You will receive the link once you have registered. It is available for anyone who has ever attended any Momentum Live events so that you may continue to network and collaborate.

How many people will be at this event?

Each cohort day is limited to 30 people. The group networking events could have up to 100 attendees.

Age Limitations

Is there an age limit to attend?

While there is no age limit to attend, all attendees must register.  We find that in creating a safe space for attendees to experience breakthroughs plus sharing life experiences can be intense and not appropriate for people under the age of 18.

Can I bring my baby/kids?

No, this event is not appropriate for young children.  Exceptions are made for nursing infants.

Technical Logistics

Are we allowed to record audio/video at the event?

Due to the safe environment that we seek to create for all attendees, recording or live streaming of the event is prohibited. We encourage you to take screenshots with your fellow attendees.

Do you have accommodations for audio/visual impairments?

Please contact and we will work to accommodate your needs.

What platform will be used to deliver the event?


What is being done to prevent Zoom Burnout?

This event was planned to provide you the greatest success in a virtual environment. There are frequent movement/bio breaks planned as well as a mix of learning formats and activities to help you stay engaged. You will select 1 day to be your cohort and can plan to participate in the extra curricular activities on other days that interest you including: guest speakers, yoga, comedy, hot seat coaching, speed networking.

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