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The Momentum Insiders program draws upon your ability to “get things done” and helps you reach those audacious goals you’ve set for yourself but not actually realized – YET. With a community of like-minded CEOs and entrepreneurs to support you, you’ll find that you can clarify your plan of action, bring focus to your strategies, and achieve what you want for you and your business.

As an entrepreneur you have a lot to focus on and big goals that you want to make a reality. Momentum Insiders is designed to get you there without creating overwhelm.


Connect weekly with other members of Momentum Insiders to share expertise, discuss roadblocks, and network with those who understand what you are experiencing as a CEO/entrepreneur.


Weekly accountability check-ins to make sure you are focused on your strategic plan and the action steps you have in place.


Each month you will participate in a mastermind to discuss a burning question/issue/problem/dilemma you are facing, as well as help others in the group by sharing your expertise.

“Nettie is the constant force that shows up in my life daily, keeping me on track. She is firm but loving. “What will you accomplish today?” This is the question that puts me on the track for success every day. It’s not just an automated email, either. I know she wants my response! When I’m stuck or frustrated, she knows exactly what to ask me to get me back on the right track. Recently, I was wrestling with adding a new service to my business. I was scared. Really scared. I couldn’t figure out how to move forward. With just a few questions, she helped me reframe my mindset. That conversation helped me to write an email that brought in 6 new clients in one week! That one email will make me $21,000!


If you’re successful, but often feel alone, and you know you just need a little accountability and support, I highly recommend signing up with Nettie. She is the voice of accountability and encouragement that you need in your life!”


“Jane”, Owner,

visionary for 3 successful small businesses

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Going it alone is not the way to do business. Creating more overwhelm is not the way to do business. Putting your goals on the backburner is not the way to do business. There is a way to thrive in all aspects of your life. If you’d like to learn more about Momentum Insiders, schedule a time to talk to an advisor. We can discuss if this is the right program for you.

Amy Lindner-Lesser

The Rookwood Inn

“Working with Nettie was the first time that someone looked at ME and the potential in my business (even after being in multiple other coaching programs). She helped me create the steps that were actionable. I completed tasks I had been putting off for 10 years. I was missing in my business and now I have a business that reflects me.”


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