Momentum Accountability

The Momentum CEO Network

Connecting High Achieving Business Owners for Collaboration and Growth

We’ve all been there, networking where you:

  • Collect a pile of business cards (or LinkedIn Connections) but never follow up
  • Are limited to 1 representative per industry
  • Meet amazing people and professionals but they aren’t people you would collaborate with, do business with, or mastermind with
  • Only ever get to know the person’s name and business but not enough to
    know if you would want to take the conversation further.

As you have already seen, The Momentum CEO Network is different. It is an opportunity to create meaningful relationships, have deep conversations, and solve problems with other CEOs and business owners. People who, like you, are the leaders in their company (not the newest intern).

Wouldn’t it be great if:

  • You could access this community of CEO’s regularly but without the massive
    commitments that other groups require (think weekly, multi-hour, in person meetings)?
  • You could consistently meet new people plus forge stronger relationships with friends and colleagues?
  • You had an opportunity to meet these folks in person to mastermind?
  • You could connect with CEO’s from a variety of industries, locations, and
    backgrounds to inspire and challenge you

Here is what being a part of The Momentum CEO Network looks like...

1 year of access to:

  • Intimate, short (1 hour or less) networking and masterminding via Zoom.
  • Variety of times offered 1 a week. Membership in The Momentum CEO Network Lattus Community. Easily
    connect 1-1 with other members.
  • Complimentary registration to The Battle Board Workshop – a virtual
    experience for strategic planning, masterminding and networking. (offered
    annually in January)
  • Expert Interviews with CEO’s and leading industry experts in the “What Businesses Need to Know Right Now” series. (and an opportunity to be interviewed).
  • Weekly Tools You Can Use to help you manage and scale your business.
  • Access to insights, articles and guidance from Nettie Owens
  • Discounts and free resources from Momentum CEO Network partners

Need additional information or have questions?