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We’ve all been there, networking where you:

  • Collect a pile of business cards (or LinkedIn Connections) but never follow up
  • Are limited to 1 representative per industry
  • Meet amazing people and professionals but they aren’t people you would collaborate with, do business with, or mastermind with
  • Only ever get to know the person’s name and business but not enough to
    know if you would want to take the conversation further.

As you have already seen, The Momentum CEO Network is different. It is an opportunity to create meaningful relationships, have deep conversations, and solve problems with other CEOs and business owners. People who, like you, are the leaders in their company (not the newest intern).


Wouldn’t it be great if:

  • You could access this community of CEOs regularly but without the massive
    commitments that other groups require (think weekly, multi-hour, in person meetings)?
  • You could consistently meet new people, plus forge stronger relationships with friends and colleagues?
  • You had an opportunity to meet these folks in person to mastermind?
  • You could connect with CEOs from a variety of industries, locations, and
    backgrounds to inspire and challenge you?

What People Are Saying About the Momentum CEO Network

Benefits of Joining

The Momentum CEO Network

Here is what being a part of The Momentum CEO Network looks like...

Brian Rassi

Author, Speaker, and CEO/Co-Founder of


“I outsourced my networking by joining The Momentum CEO Network. I knew I needed to do it, to follow up. I knew it was the key to my company’s growth but it kept getting put on the back burner. Now, I attend 2 meetings a month. I choose when to go. I’m adding 20 connections a month of people I want to meet and do business with. It’s so easy.”


Frequently Asked Questions

  • After your first meeting, if you are a fit for the group, you will be invited to continue attending by joining the Momentum CEO Network. You may join here by following this link:
  • Yes!  You join month to month and can cancel at any time keeping your Momentum Live Coupon, the self guided Strategy Workshop and other goodies.

Your billing will recur automatically monthly on your registration day.

We typically do not offer refunds as the value of even 1 connection typically more than your enrollment fee. However, we do aim to be of the highest level of service. If you are unsatisfied with your membership, please reach out to

Lattus is a platform that allows for managed 1-1 conversations within our group. The Lattus software makes recommendations for people you may want to meet. So, even if you were to never attend 1 meeting (which we don’t recommend) you could log in to Lattus to be paired with a meaningful new connection. We recommend you schedule a minium of 2 Lattus conversations a month.

Momentum Live is a 3 day, small group immersive live event focused on strategic planning and masterminding that happens twice a year in the spring and the fall. Most of the attendees are existing members of the Momentum Programs offered by The Sappari Group. We also welcome members of The CEO Network to attend. You can find details here:

You will be directed to an order form to input your name and billing information and any coupon codes you may have.. From here, you will receive an email confirmation that your membership has been accepted.

No, exclusive seats are not available. We find that each person, even if in a similar business, brings their own unique perspectives to the conversation. Limiting this with ‘exclusive seat’s would be against the values of this group.
We do not offer sponsorships at this time as it important to us that each attendee comes on equal footing. It helps us to ensure a safe space for communication. We do allow for sponsorships of our events.
We work hard to ensure a meaningful mix of CEOs and business owners that can connect and collaborate by tapping into the network that Nettie Owens has developed over her lifetime in business. If you find you are not consistently meeting 5-10 new people at each meeting, please reach out to

Meetings are typically 10-15 attendees and are capped at 20.

Yes, you may share the link and also let us know by sending an email to

The Strategy Workshop is a self-guided strategic planning workshop available to The Momentum CEO Network. The focus of the program is planning for your business year. In addition to your materials you also have access to guest experts share topics from sales to energy management and funding. 

Welcome and thank you so much for subscribing to Network Access for the Momentum CEO Network!

Please watch your email for information about your access and the steps you need to take to get started. We’re glad you’re here and look forward to connecting with you!

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