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Discussion – Ruthie Bowles

A few weeks ago, some of us had the pleasure of hearing Ruthie Bowles, founder of Defy the Status Quo, speak at Momentum Live: The CEO Experience. Her “The WHY Workshop” was a

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Superhero Syndrome

As an entrepreneur or CEO, I know that you are passionate and highly motivated. You have a vision, and you’re not afraid of taking risks. You’re a problem solver who

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Discussion – Brian Rassi – Enstigate

At Momentum Live: The CEO Experience, we had the pleasure of hearing a presentation from one of my co-hosts, Brian Rassi of Enstigate. His presentation was entitled “It’s Possible: You’re on the Precipice

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Important vs. Urgent

The weekend is here, and for many of us, it’s the time where we put our to-do list away and try to focus on our family, friends, and a little

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Discussion – You Need a Budget

We are now well into Q4, and many of you have already started looking ahead to 2022. And, while you’re probably looking at your vision, goals, and the action steps

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Momentum Live Debrief

I’m not often left speechless, but after last week’s Momentum Live: The CEO Experience in Havre de Grace – I was. It was three amazing days with people who are even more

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