Momentum Activators

The Momentum Insiders program draws upon your ability to “get things done” and helps you reach those audacious goals you’ve set for yourself but not actually realized – YET. With a community of like-minded CEOs and entrepreneurs to support you, you’ll find that you can clarify your plan of action, bring focus to your strategies, and achieve what you want for you and your business.

That feeling of overwhelm and uncertainty fades away. You’ll know what to do each day to consistently and confidently create the business you desire. The Momentum Activators Program is designed to create space so that you can strategically plan, collaborate, and develop systems that work to manage all the moving parts.


Strategy is essential to all aspects of your business – from marketing to growth to mindset – and together we’ll make sure you have the correct strategies in place for your current and future goals.


As your team grows, you need leadership skills that allow you to delegate so you can focus your attention where it needs to be, and your team can handle the day-to-day tasks and showcase their talents.  


You’ll tap into your innate skills and expertise that can be leveraged for new lines of businesses and increased income – without working harder or creating overwhelm.

Wanda Toro Turini

President of Bull's Eye Innovations, Visionary

“I’m a pretty organized person. I already had task lists and I already felt like I was accountable to myself, but the reality was I was beating myself up. I realized I would say things to myself that I would never say to an employee. Initially I thought, I am an achiever personality, so I don’t need help with accountability. But I enrolled and it just made it even better. If you’re not task oriented, then this is really going to be transformational for you. But even for somebody that was a taskmaster, Momentum elevated my game.”

Who Is Momentum Activators for?

Momentum Insiders is for you if you want to:

When you started your business, you imagined the freedom and fun it would bring to be doing work that you absolutely love. But now, it feels like you are trapped and stuck.

Frank Demming

Local Business Marketing Solutions
Author of 7 Steps to Recession Proofing Your Business

“Momentum helps you think about and restructure the things you think you have a handle on, but don’t. I made the best decision in my entrepreneurial life by partnering up with Nettie and receiving the accountability I needed. She grounds you and puts you into a state of focus that you will never know existed in your world. And, her program isn’t just about accountability, it’s about action and truly driving home the key elements of your business. Working with her on this has been a true blessing along my journey of true entrepreneurial success.”



What’s included in Momentum Activators?

Want to learn more about Momentum Activators?

If you have an established business and are willing to do the work to implement new ideas and not just looking for the “quick fix” – Momentum Activators may be the solution. Schedule a time to talk with an advisor to see if this program is a fit. 

Victoria Whitfield

Business Reiki Master

“What I love the most is the amazing connections. And the PLANNING. I feel so much more focused. Any business owner could benefit from the focus time. Nettie is amazing at helping me chuck things down, taking my big vision and making it bite-sized and actionable. She creates a safe place to share, network and brainstorm. Nettie asks the million-dollar questions.”

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