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At Sappari Group, we do business differently.  You don’t buy your way in. There are no ‘cliques’.   But if you are the kind of person that shows up, does the hard work, and seeks to support others, too, you belong here.  The Sappari Group Momentum programs are all about harnessing your vision, energy, drive and determination to help you consistently take the next right step forward.  But you don’t do it alone and you don’t sacrifice your family or your well being either.  It’s not about balance, it is about raising the bar across the board in every area of your life, being open to growth, and doing it all in a community of peers.

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It all starts with connecting as a business owner in the CEO Network.  Here you will meet other business owners, ceos, founders and entrepreneurs that are showing up for their teams, customers, family and community and who desire to build relationships with others just like them.  We invite the best people to the discussion and talk about the things that matter to your business.  You get to know people, how they thing and who you want to connect further with.


Next, continue to build relationships and your business in our invite-only semi-annual MasterMind, Momentum Live.  You have to be a part of the CEO Network to join us, but that is easy to do.  Momentum Live is a three day strategic planning and mastermind retreat that happens in March and October founded on deep connections, stepping out of your business and comfort zone, eating great food and laughter.


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As a leader, you are not just responsible for yourself but for your team, your family and even your community.  In order to be available for all the people that need you, you have to be at your best in your business and personal life.  We understand this and so, the work we do at Sappari addresses you as a whole being in your business.  We look at the systems in your business and your life as a whole.  We look at the your resource management in your business and your well being as a person.  We know that if you are not at your best, your business won’t be either (and vice versa).  It’s not just about mindset, productivity, time management, exercise, efficiency, process, mission, sleep, cash flow, etc.  It is about all of these these, all the time. 

We know that is a lot to work on at once so we help you FOCUS to do the right next step every day, across all facets, raising the bar of what is possible for you and all those you support.

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